What is General Internship?
The General Internship is a type of program from the SOE Talented Generation Internship (MAGENTA) which will open its registration in the near future. The General Internship is an integrated apprenticeship program from non-SKS SOE apprentices which were previously run independently by each SOE. General Internships are for active students and fresh graduates with varying durations, from 1 month to a maximum of 12 months. This program provides an opportunity to gain work experience, work and play an active role in BUMN projects, as well as build networking for future capital.

Can it be converted into credits?
In standardization, the MAGENTA BUMN General Internship is a non-SKS apprenticeship program that focuses on fresh graduates and final semester students who are looking for work experience. However, it is possible that there are BUMNs that accommodate SKS conversions, please check the “description box” of each internship vacancy on the Magenta BUMN platform.

How do students register? Do you have to go through a career center? Should there be an MoU with Universities?
Prospective participants can register directly on the BUMN MAGENTA Platform, so there is no need for an MoU with Universities. If the PT of the prospective participant has not been recorded in the MAGENTA BUMN database, the prospective participant can contact the FHCI helpdesk listed on the platform.

What are the requirements for the MAGENTA BUMN General Internship program?
The general criteria for applicants for the General Internship are as follows:
– Active student or fresh graduate D3/D4/S1/S2.
– Minimum age of 17 years
– Commit to undergoing an internship according to the duration determined by BUMN
Furthermore, information for specific qualifications can be seen on the menu for each internship vacancy on the MAGENTA BUMN platform.

Required documents that must be uploaded by prospective participants in the General Internship program are:
– CV
– Transcript
– Diploma / Certificate of Graduation (for fresh graduate applicants)
– Certificate (optional)
– Letter of Recommendation (optional)

We are currently increasing the capacity of the portal to provide a better registration experience for all prospective MAGENTA BUMN participants. Please wait for further information.